About Us
The institute was established in 1984. The first master programmes were started at Department of Management and Department of Islamic Civilization and Social Sciences.
Our institute serves in an indoor area of 6000 square meters in Nuri and Zekiye Institute Building, which was constructed by the charitable businessman Kadir Has in commemoration of his parents.
From the 2014-2015 academic year fall mid-term on; 2231 students of masters with thesis, 243 students of a non-thesis master’s degree and 505 PhD students continue their education. From the establishment to the present day 3310 students; including 1801 masters with thesis, 1163 non-thesis master’s degree and 346 PhD program students graduated from our post-graduate programs.
Additionally, the students of the cognates from Middle Asian Turkish Republics, the States of Caucasia, the Balkans, and Middle East can receive their postgraduate educations in our Institute.
Publication Facilities
Within the body of our institute, Erciyes University Journal of the Institute of Social Sciences has published its first issue in 1987 and since then the journal has been publishing two issue per year. The journal which is appreciated as a national-referred academic journal has lately been published for its issue 2014/1 (36) and the distribution is finalized. The studies are being carried on for the publication of 37th issue of the journal.
As of the academic year of 2014-2015, in the body of the Institute of Social Sciences, there are MA programs basing on the 26 departments, non-thesis MA degrees basing on 4 departments, and PhD programs basing on 14 departments.
Adres : Erciyes Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, 38039 Kayseri/TÜRKİYE
Telefon : 0 352 437 52 74
Faks : +90 352 437 52 74
Öğrenci İşleri : 0 352 207 66 66/46506
E-Posta : sosbilerciyes.edu.tr
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